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Discover what is actually possible in just 6 short weeks. Kick start your fitness and weight loss journey with Studio Athletica's personalised and holistic 6 Week Challenge Program.

What's included?


Bio-mechanical Analysis

Firstly, you will receive a complete bio-mechanical analysis designed to understand your current state, uncover blockers that have hindered success in the past, and help you avoid compensation patterns and injury. 


6-Week Plan

We will then develop a wholly personalised 6 Week training program that we will support you through every step of the way, both in and out of the Studio. With shared accountability between you and your trainer you won't be doing this alone.



Our in-house dietitian will work with you to develop a nutrition plan that eliminates the guess work and considers your body and your lifestyle. With regular check-ins we will help you shift habits and understand the impact nutrition can have on training performance and physical and mental health.


Access to Our Training App

We will always be right there with you in-person throughout your journey, but our complimentary training app is there for added convenience to track your daily progress and keep you both focussed and motivated. This includes your photos and measurements as well your daily training and nutrition. 

Get back on track with
Studio Athletica's 6 Week Challenge ...

We get it, it's been a really tough year - and more often than not that's when other priorities come in and our health can take a back seat. We want to support you in getting back on track and start feeling better about things. You'll be in the very best hands with our team and our approach. 

See what we are about ...

What our clients are saying ...

Nadia R.

Really great, friendly and professional team at Studio Athletica! My trainer, Tina, was very knowledgeable and attentive in our sessions. I really liked how tailored my program was, the meal plan, how well the app tracked my progress, the monthly check ins with owner Chris, and the flexibility to suit the program to my needs and interests. I am a healthier version of myself, not just from the training itself, but the knowledge that was shared. Highly recommend the whole team!

Studio Athletica has changed my life. The team has taken and lead me through the transformation journey step by step. I really enjoyed the continuous follow ups where I can provide feedback on my training, results I’m seeing and also find solutions to some issues I’ve been struggling with (such as eating habits, changes in my daily routine etc). I couldn’t recommend the team enough - there is a science behind body transformations and leaning on their knowledge and expertise has expedited the process beyond what I thought was possible.


Can’t speak highly enough of Studio Athletica. One of the most professional gyms I’ve been to - top end equipment, highest standards of hygiene and knowledgeable, motivational trainers.. not to mention a great app for tracking progress and the support of a professional nutritionist. Chris is also very understanding of my crazy work schedule and has accommodated any request. Can’t believe my progress in just 6 weeks. Thanks Chris & team

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