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Take The Challenge & change your life!

Hi Eastern Suburbs Gentlemen!

We are looking for 10 new guys wanting to completely transform their bodies and life in the next 6 weeks! 


You get a life-changing transformation, our coaches get to do what they love, and your awesome testimonial will attract new clients for us. A win-win for everyone!


Here is what we will do for you in the next 6 weeks...

✅ In-depth 3 Phase Training program to get the DOM’s pumping

✅ Behavioural Diet Plan unique to you and your eating habits

✅ Supplements to help turn you into a fat burning machine

✅ Daily coaching, motivation and accountability! YES your coach is there for you daily.

✅ Goal Crushing Guarantee 



✅ 8 Week Dual Phase Exit Strategy


This is just the tip of the ICEBERG! Our personalised program drastically changes lives in just 6 short weeks! 🗓


This program WILL get you results which is why we give you a guarantee! So if you are are not motivated to FINALLY make real changes, then don't enquire and keep scrolling YouTube!



If you:

👉 Want a better body

👉 Are not happy with the guy staring back at you in the mirror 

👉 Are sick of training and not seeing results 

👉 Know you need a nutrition and training plan to get results

👉 Will consider working with a coach to speed up the process


If that is you, then we would LOVE to have you! We have built a remarkable program that works and filled it with people just LIKE YOU that will not quit!🚫


It's time to let go of the past version of you and focus on the future! 

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Allow me to introduce myself, I'm Coach Chris and I am doing something CRAZY to promote our All-Inclusive 6 week Challenge!

You'll be surprised what you can achieve in 6 short weeks, that's just 42 days!

This March I'm giving away

10 FREE 1-on-1 PERSONAL TRAINING SESSIONS with myself so I can show you how Studio Athletica works and how we will change your life!


Our 1-on-1 transformation challenge will not only rip the fat off your mid section and build lean muscle mass but also push you out of your comfort zone so you can achieve things you didn't know were possible!


We give you a diet designed specifically to you and your lifestyle by a certified dietitian, supplement stack, APP access & Accountability Coaching that actually works.


Sign up and let's get those abs this time!!


Chris Klarich

Studio Athletica Director

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