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November 9, 2017

When scrolling the internet for new training ideas you may have come across four numbers accompanying a particular exercise. Eg (4:2:1:0) But what do these numbers mean and how important are they?

As a personal trainer at Studio Athletica Bondi Junction I’m always pushing my clients to challenge themselves more and more and experimenting with time under tension is a great way to do it. 

Time under tension or TUT training refers to how long the muscle is under tension during each repetition. Slowing your reps down and placing t...

September 30, 2017

Pilates isn’t just for women and rehabilitation, bodybuilders, body sculptors and gym goers alike are now incorporating Pilates into their workout. This is because Pilates increases core strength, flexibility and balance while also helping to counteract the “distended gut syndrome” that some professional bodybuilders and powerlifters can suffer from. All in all it can result in you having a smaller, tighter and more aesthetically pleasing looking midline.

In the professional & amateur bodybuilding scene, you may have noticed...

July 11, 2017

After cosmetic surgery you look and feel incredible but it is important to give your body time to heal and return to normal. However, don’t rush back into your normal exercise regime too soon! You need to be careful when you exercise after breast implants, tummy tuck or any other surgery to minimise any risk of swelling, stretch marks, and infection. The results of your surgery will be better if you allow your body time to rest, and then start with a personalised low impact program.

The Recovery Phase

As a professional persona...

June 21, 2017

When you have breast augmentation, both the size and placement of your implants will have an impact on the type and the intensity of the exercise that can be done following surgery.

Cosmetic surgery is just as traumatic to the body as any other form of surgery. You need to be careful when you exercise after breast augmentation so that your body heals properly and you minimise any risk of scarring, stretch marks, and infection.

Size and Placement

Implants can weigh 340 grams or more. If your implants are placed underneath the pe...

When taking part in any fitness program, stretching needs to be incorporated. When muscles are called on suddenly for sport or training, damage may occur from them being suddenly stretched. This can cause muscle injury. An injured muscle can become too weak to support your joints, which has the potential to lead to joint injury.

Bondi personal trainers encourage regular stretching to prevent injury and to improve flexibility. Stretching is a vital part of your exercise routine.

Injury Prevention at Studio Athletica Bondi Junct...

What Are the Positive Effects of Exercise on Your Mental Health?

Exercise has obvious physical benefits, but did you know that there are also many mental health benefits? This is the case regardless of your fitness level, and what type of exercise that you do. Here are some of the many positive effects of exercise on your mental health.

Stress Release

Exercise is a great method of relieving stress. When you are under pressure everything is harder. Your muscles tense up under stress. When you have had a demanding day, working ou...

Information quoted from The Private Health Insurance Ombudsman - Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Factsheet:


What is Plastic and Reconstructive surgery?


Plastic surgery is a medical specialty concerned with the evaluation and treatment of any physical deformity that can be corrected by surgery, whether acquired or congenital. Reconstructive plastic surgery is usually performed to improve function, but it may be done to approximate...

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Understanding Time Under Tension Training

November 9, 2017

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