This is the starting point for our male deficits. Regardless of their skill set, all of the movements have been regressed. However this is in no way easier for our more advanced clients. In fact if a client is more advanced and can contract the muscles effectively than this programming will be utterly devastating when delivered with appropriate load. 

Conversations with clients:

Calories will be set at or close to 1000c for most clients. You will hear your client complain about fatigue, hunger and soreness. Explain to them that we have done this many times and that generally after the first week you start to get used to the diet. This is a short term feeling and we just need to get them through this first 4 weeks. Let them know that they will receive a message in the app to book their revision call with Naras at 4 weeks. A calorie increase will be given based on their compliance, results and how they feel. For this reason it is absolutely vital that they stick to the plan for this to work.

What we expect to see:

Once your client commences the diet we should see an instant drop on the scales due to the water weight. If you do not see this within the first week your client is most likely not compliant


Instant weight loss on the scale. Pump your client up and celebrate the drops on the scale, even include fellow trainers and clients to share the good news. 

What we say about the next block:

Let your client know that they're doing well and that we are going to be progressing their movements. The next block will follow the same structural layout as this one but we will start to incorporate more free weights and barbells. ie: BB Bench press and BB back Squat. (provided your client is ready for these progressions) if not you'll have to regress the next block to a suitable level.

Remind them that they can book their first diet review at the 4 week mark.