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What Are the Positive Effects of Exercise on Your Mental Health?

What Are the Positive Effects of Exercise on Your Mental Health?

Exercise has obvious physical benefits, but did you know that there are also many mental health benefits? This is the case regardless of your fitness level, and what type of exercise that you do. Here are some of the many positive effects of exercise on your mental health.

Stress Release

Exercise is a great method of relieving stress. When you are under pressure everything is harder. Your muscles tense up under stress. When you have had a demanding day, working out at Bond Junction gym will help to manage both physical and mental stress.

And with a calmer mind you will actually get more done!

A Bondi Junction gym workout will not only help you to reduce stress, it will also leave you better able to cope with stress.


Anxiety symptoms are relieved by regular exercise. The chemicals that are released help the mind to calm down, and the body becomes less tense. Making time for exercise is really important for those suffering from anxiety even if it is riding an ebike on the way to work or going for a run. Alternatively, one on one pilates classes are ideal as they focus on the breath.

Anger Management

Boxing classes and strenuous training will help to alleviate anger and irritability. Working up a sweat, and continuous punching can be a huge release when you are angry or annoyed.

Improved sleep

Regular exercise will improve your sleep making you feel brighter, happier and better able to cope with stress. Gym workouts are great for those who suffer from insomnia. Just don’t do vicious exercise too close to bed-time as it does take some time for the body and mind to wind back down.

Increase Your Confidence

Regular workouts will improve your physique, giving you confidence. Not only will you feel better about your body, you will have all the positive mental effects of exercise – which give you confidence also. Your self-esteem will climb, and you will be happier as a result.


Exercise releases endorphins which make you feel fantastic. They help to reduce pain and induce feelings of pleasure and euphoria. Just three 30 minute sessions of exercise per week has been known to have the same effect as an antidepressant.

Regular exercise is not only good for your body – it has proven to be good for your mind! Book in with your Studio Athletica personal trainer Bondi Junction to discuss what are the best types of workouts for you. You will be happier, sleep better, have less stress, and increase your confidence greatly.

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