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How the Implant Size and Placement Determines the Intensity of Exercise to be Done

When you have breast augmentation, both the size and placement of your implants will have an impact on the type and the intensity of the exercise that can be done following surgery.

Cosmetic surgery is just as traumatic to the body as any other form of surgery. You need to be careful when you exercise after breast augmentation so that your body heals properly and you minimise any risk of scarring, stretch marks, and infection.

Size and Placement

Implants can weigh 340 grams or more. If your implants are placed underneath the pectoral muscle this muscle will help to support the extra weight. If the implants are being placed in front of your muscle then you will need to take care when you exercise after surgery to avoid stretching the skin, as this will result in stretch marks to the breast area.

The size of the implant will possibly affect your after surgery recovery time. If you have gone from a B to a D cup for example, you may be more affected then if you went from a C to a D cup.

Exercise After Breast Implants

If you have any pain when working out always adjust your fitness regime appropriately!

Strenuous exercise should be avoided after surgery. Also avoid any high intensity weight bearing movements in the shoulder region such as netball, softball or tennis. Low impact exercise such as walking or cycling is beneficial in helping to heal your body.

After breast augmentation surgery speak to your personal trainer Bondi Junction Gym about a training package to aid your recovery. We specialise in breast augmentation rehabilitation programs and post cosmetic surgery training programs after other cosmetic procedures - such as breast lift and tummy tuck.

At Studio Athletica we provide one on one personal training and a range of other training programs to speed up the recovery of your body after surgery and keep you looking and feeling great. Contact us at Studio Athletica Bondi Junction Gym today!

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