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Importance of Following a Recovery Timeline to Return to Normal After a Cosmetic Surgery

After cosmetic surgery you look and feel incredible but it is important to give your body time to heal and return to normal. However, don’t rush back into your normal exercise regime too soon! You need to be careful when you exercise after breast implants, tummy tuck or any other surgery to minimise any risk of swelling, stretch marks, and infection. The results of your surgery will be better if you allow your body time to rest, and then start with a personalised low impact program.

The Recovery Phase

As a professional personal trainer Bondi Junction area, we generally recommend two - three weeks of complete rest after cosmetic surgery. Light exercise such as walking is mostly ok. Do not lift anything heavier than 2 kilograms in the recovery phase.

Ease Back Into Your Regime Slowly

Strenuous exercise should be avoided after surgery. Sweating and heightened blood pressure may contribute to the swelling of body tissues which can affect the healing process. It is always important to consult your physician before resuming any exercise or post-op programme.

Low impact exercise after the first two or three weeks is recommended. One on one workouts with your personal trainer Bondi Junction Gym is ideal after breast augmentation, tummy tuck or any other cosmetic procedure. Having a personal trainer throughout your post-op workout session will help you balance your workouts and make necessary adjustments to your exercise when necessary.

Weight Training

Weight training can generally be resumed around 6 weeks or so after your surgery.

Normal Training

When swelling has gone and wounds are healed check with us about when you can resume normal exercise.

If you have any pain when working out always adjust your workout accordingly!

After cosmetic surgery speak to your personal trainer Bondi Junction Gym about a workout program to assist your recovery.

At Studio Athletica we provide one on one personal training and a range of other training programs to speed up the recovery of your body after surgery and keep you looking and feeling great. We are experts in the field of cosmetic surgery rehabilitation and will personalise an exercise program to your unique needs. With a structured recovery workout in place, you will easily maximise the results of your surgery.

Contact us at Studio Athletica Bondi Junction Gym for more information.

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