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Training Programs

All our training options are tailored to the individual and the changes they are seeking. Take a look at our options below and book in your free one hour session to chat with a specialist about the right program for you. 

Our programs

Our personal training options consist of strength and hypertrophy training, transformative training, post-operative training, body building, high intensity and our ever-popular 6-Week Challenge. No matter what your health and fitness goals are, your trainer will customise your routine to best reach your goals.


You will receive a complete bio-mechanical analysis and fully customised fitness plan that will help you not only reach your goals but also avoid injury, nasty compensation patterns and will have you feeling feel great.


6 Week Challenge

Get the abs you so desperately crave with our 6 Week Challenge. Strictly for people who want no messing around, guaranteed results fast!


You'll receive a level of service and support like you have never experienced before, including our hybrid app supported training plan for in and out of the studio, nutrition plan built by our dietitian specifically for you, supplements, your own accountability coach and more! Hit the link below to find out how Studio Athletica can help sculpt a new you that you didn't think was possible.

Find out more about our 6 Week Challenge >

Transformative Training
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Transformative Training (12 Weeks)


Are you looking for a genuine change in your life?  This program is designed to overhaul your body, your fitness, and your resilience, to form and solidify new health habits. This comprehensive program includes fully body composition and biometric analysis, a tailored nutrition plan for the duration of the program built by our in-house dietician, and a wholly customised and partnered three phase training program.

Are you ready to make a real commitment to yourself and find out your best days are actually ahead of you? Book your free 1 hour consult today. ​

Find out more about our Transformative Training. Enquire today >


Post Operative Training 


Under the guidance of Dr. Miroshnik, Studio Athletica offers both online and in studio options for exercise after cosmetic and plastic surgery. In our unique training studio we ensure that your transition back to full intensity exercise is private, safe and enjoyable.

With breast augmentation surgery we are able to commence your medically approved 12 week exercise programme as early as just 2-3 weeks post operation. Not only do we keep you active during your recovery maintaining your figure and ensuring all that hard work in the gym will not go to waste but we also include an important rehabilitation aspect, so that when your programme is finished you are cleared to resume your usual workout routine.

Find out more about our Post Operative Training >

Post Op
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Bodybuilding Training


Looking to compete or just walk a little taller? Our trainers have been there, are there, and will guide your training and nutrition with care and precision.  


Our natural bodybuilding personal training program is a detailed 16 to 24 week regime of weight training, technique and nutrition for explosive muscle growth and fat burning. 


Get competition ready. Book your free 1 hour consult today. 

Find out more about our Bodybuilding Program. Enquire today >

Find out more about our Bodybuilding Program. Enquire today >

Body Building



Bio-mechanical Analysis

You will receive a complete bio-mechanical analysis to understand your current state and help avoid compensation patterns and injury. 


Fitness Plan

At Studio Athletica we ensure that you have support in every aspect from training in and out of the studio, diet, accountability and supplements. 



Our in-house dietitian will work with you to develop a nutrition plan, with regular check-ins, specific to your goals, body composition and lifestyle.


Access to Our Training App

Our training app available free to all our clients is there for added convenience to track your daily progress and keep you both focussed and motivated.​

What our clients are saying ...

Christoph A.

Studio Athletica has changed my life. The team has taken and lead me through the transformation journey step by step. I really enjoyed the continuous follow ups where I can provide feedback on my training, results I’m seeing and also find solutions to some issues I’ve been struggling with (such as eating habits, changes in my daily routine etc).

I couldn’t recommend the team enough - there is a science behind body transformations and leaning on their knowledge and expertise has expedited the process beyond what I thought was possible.

Bec Q.

What an incredible business! very professional, always on time and they never disappoint.

I came to Studio Athletica because of the great reviews and I’ve now been with them for about 6 months. What I enjoy the most is the structure and planning behind each session and their app. It’s not a one plan for all and the effort that everyone puts in is admirable. You receive the full health and fitness package with meal guidance and training plans. Worth every cent.
If you want to train with the best in Bondi Junction, Studio Athletica is it! I’m so glad that I started training with them!


Joining the Studio Athletica community is probably the best decision I have made this year and definitely time and money well spent!

The team at Studio Athletica are very professional, are welcoming, know their stuff and know how to get results. The support and planning is phenomenal and the effectiveness is evident in the results! (down 12+ kg in 8 or so weeks, definitely packed on the muscle and I fit into my suits again!). The results go beyond the gym ... it is truly life changing!

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