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Our team of expert trainers is dedicated to helping you achieve your fitness goals. Each trainer brings a unique blend of experience, knowledge, and passion to ensure personalised guidance and support. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced athlete, our trainers will work with you to create a tailored fitness plan that meets your needs. Discover how our professional and friendly trainers can inspire and motivate you on your fitness journey.

Christopher Klarich


Chris is the Managing Director of Studio Athletica, which he founded in 2016 to fulfill his passion for transforming lives through fitness. He leads with a deep commitment to results, client care, and satisfaction. Supported by a dedicated team, Chris ensures personalised attention and support for every client, guiding them efficiently and effectively toward a sustainable outcome. With a close collaboration with Plastic Surgeon Dr. Michael Miroshnik, Chris will also offer specialised post-operative training for patients recovering from cosmetic procedures such as breast augmentation and abdominoplasty.

Tina Parzych

Personal Trainer

Tina has been a trainer for over 8 years now, starting in group fitness and then moving into personal training. Qualified both in her native Poland and here in her adopted home in Australia, she specialises in strength and hypertrophy training, and  is a two-time IFBB Bodybuilding Elite competitor. She is motivated to get more females into the gym to train, debunking the myth that lifting weights 'will make you look like a man', showing them how, in fact, it can help them achieve a more feminine physique and greater confidence in their body. 

Tina's training philosophy is to have fun, stay strong, feel sexy in your own body. She loves helping people improve their health, feel better about themselves and make lasting changes to their life.

Tom Sykes Brown

Personal Trainer

Having started training at a young age Tom has experienced everything the fitness industry has to offer, with over 7 years’ experience working in the industry from boutique, commercial to corporate, Tom has gained and grown his knowledge base through working with some fantastic teams.

 Along the way Tom has gained the highest UK personal training qualifications including GP referrals, PNF stretching, Strength and conditioning and many forms of group exercise.  Tom believes any client can reach their goals with a positive attitude and support from Studio Athletica, achieving greatness and changing their life for the better in the process! In and outside the gym.

Sophie Dakin

Personal Trainer

Throughout Sophie's 10 years in the industry, she's honed her skills and knowledge with a degree in Sports and Exercise Science, coupled with a Personal Training Qualification from the UK. 

Her mission has remained the same: to inspire and educate clients on the power of resistance training, making it an integral and sustainable part of their lives. Her approach is to meet the client where they are at and deliver coaching that focuses on quality movement that enables the client to reach their goals whether that be growing muscle, losing fat, gaining strength or feeling more confident in the gym. 

Chris Redmore

Personal Trainer

I am a Welsh-born Personal Trainer with twelve (12) years experienceworking around the country in Fitness. I hold a Certifcate 3 and 4 inFitness, Master Trainer from Australian Institute of Fitness and am aqualified Level one (1) Australian Strength and ConditioningAssociation Coach.

I am a World Champion Black Belt Martial Artist who uses data basedscience and periodisation programming to assist clientele in gettingtheir desired results. I enjoy the overall challenge of selfimprovement both from a physical standpoint and a mental one.In my spare time I play Guitar, partake in educational study, am anavid gamer and have a love for the entertainment industry.

Sebastian Oyarzo

Personal Trainer

Holding a degree in Physiotherapy and a Masters in Exercise Physiology, Sebastian is a personal trainer that truly understands the body and what it takes to make true and lasting change. Sebastian approaches every session with positivity, believing ‘what happens with the body, begins in the mind’. He works closely with his clients to dive deeper into their goals and drivers to create purposeful training and an environment of trust, encouragement and fun. An environment where they can enjoy, not lumber through the process. ‘If you enjoy and are consistent with your meal plan, and you keep moving, you will be rewarded and you will feel alive with energy’ . Sebastian truly loves his job, the Studio Athletica team, and most of all seeing his clients achieving what they set out to achieve.

Jake Biggs


Jake is an experienced and highly qualified sports clinical nutritionist that is an expert in the field of human nutrition. His meticulous approach to his dietary plans means that the outcome is exceptional in delivery. Jake specialises in delivering personalised evidence based nutrition plans that are macronutrient and micronutrient aligned with health and performance related goals. Jake is deeply passionate about ongoing nutrition education to facilitate this process. He ensures that for his dietary plans, there is ample explanation, rationale and evidence to empower anyone he sees to become their own nutrition expert.

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