Mindbody Set-up
Step One

If you haven't already downloaded the Mindbody app, please click the link below and set up your account with the email you provided to Studio Athletica upon sign up. (that'll be the one this email link came to)

Once downloaded, set your password, confirm your email and log in.

By default the app will open up in "explore"

In the search box please search "Studio Athletica Bondi Junction" 

Click on our profile and hit the "love heart" icon to favourite our business so that you can easily manage your schedule.

The "profile" icon in the bottom right will display all your upcoming sessions booked at our facility.

If you haven't been booked for your initial on-boarding call with Kenny yet please do so via the below button.

MyFitnessPal Set-up
Step Two

Tracking is not essential but it does help initially by giving us a clear insight into what you're eating. If you would like to give it a go please download the MyFitnessPal app. You can click the link below and set up your account.

Once downloaded, we need to set your MyFitnessPal diary to "public" so that Kenny has access to your food diary. The below video will walk you through it. (settings >diary settings >diary sharing >public)

Step Three

Next we need to sync MyFitnessPal to the Studio Athletica hybrid app. The below video will walk you through it.

If you're new to MyFitnessPal check out the below tutorial to learn how quick and easy it is to track your meals.


If you're already using MyFitness Pal it's still a good idea to watch the below tutorial as you might just pick up a few tips to make your food tracking a little easier.

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