Meet Our Trainers ...

Chris Klarich

As director of Studio Athletica and EHP Allstar, head trainer Christopher Klarich lives and breathes fitness 365 days a year. He delivers each session with utter passion and excitement.


As well as being a qualified Master Trainer, Chris also holds qualifications as a Mat and Reformer Pilates instructor, PunchFit certified boxing coach and also works closely with Plastic Surgeon Dr. Michael Miroshnik to deliver post-operative training for patients recovering from breast augmentation and abdominoplasty (tummy tuck).

Nash Singh

Personal Trainer

The man, the myth, the legend. Nash rules Studio Athletica with the power of positivity.

Nash is the ICN natural bodybuilding champion and is in preparation for the Mr. Australia pro titles in 2021. You can expect big things from this gentle giant and will love training with him.


He continues to further his education in the fitness industry. He is currently completing a sport science degree and studying ISSN sports nutrition. 

Tina Parzych

Personal Trainer

Tina has been a trainer for over 8 years now, starting in group fitness and then moving into personal training. Qualified both in her native Poland and here in her adopted home in Australia, she specialises in strength and hypertrophy training, and  is a two-time IFBB Bodybuilding Elite competitor. She is motivated to get more females into the gym to train, debunking the myth that lifting weights 'will make you look like a man', showing them how, in fact, it can help them achieve a more feminine physique and greater confidence in their body. 

Tina's training philosophy is to have fun, stay strong, feel sexy in your own body. She loves helping people improve their health, feel better about themselves and make lasting changes to their life.

Helder Costa Oliveira

Personal Trainer

A gamer in a former life, Costa’s mindset toward fitness and strength changed when he joined the Army as a 19 year old back home in São Paulo. While home is now Sydney, and he has swapped the virtual world for the world of fitness, as a certified trainer he remains competitive as ever and is dedicated to helping people make the life changes he himself has made. Costa believes you can set the tone for your whole life in the gym. ‘Never give up. Make everything count. Enjoy the journey … that will feed into the rest of your life’. He embodies the Studio’s mantra of shared accountability and is meticulous in his training programs. Costa will inspire you to take your training to the next level. 

Puneet Sharma
Personal Trainer

Meet Neet ... one of our most experienced and knowledgable trainers. He has been a personal trainer for over 10 years, holding credentials like NSCA CSCS, REPS L3 PT, CERT-III and IV Australia, Pn1 Coach, Poliquin Performance Coach, Rehab Master Trainer,  and SNA Sports Nutrition. He also teaches up and coming PT’s CERT-III and IV in Fitness. 

He believes the best thing about working at the Studio is getting pushed to be a better version of himself 'every damn day' and the best advice that he has ever been given is "It is the start that stops us!!" 

Training with Neet, you'll know you are in good hands and will get results.

Chris Redmore

Personal Trainer

I am a Welsh-born Personal Trainer with twelve (12) years experience
working around the country in Fitness. I hold a Certifcate 3 and 4 in
Fitness, Master Trainer from Australian Institute of Fitness and am a
qualified Level one (1) Australian Strength and Conditioning
Association Coach.

I am a World Champion Black Belt Martial Artist who uses data based
science and periodisation programming to assist clientele in getting
their desired results. I enjoy the overall challenge of self
improvement both from a physical standpoint and a mental one.
In my spare time I play Guitar, partake in educational study, am an
avid gamer and have a love for the entertainment industry.

Tom Sykes Brown

Personal Trainer

Having started training at a young age Tom has experienced everything the fitness industry has to offer, with over 7 years’ experience working in the industry from boutique, commercial to corporate, Tom has gained and grown his knowledge base through working with some fantastic teams.


Along the way Tom has gained the highest UK personal training qualifications including GP referrals, PNF stretching, Strength and conditioning and many forms of group exercise.  Tom believes any client can reach their goals with a positive attitude and support from Studio Athletica, achieving greatness and changing their life for the better in the process! In and outside the gym.

Tom Gibbs

Personal Trainer

Before becoming a personal trainer, Tom worked in IT, and understands how to transition from a sedentary lifestyle into a fitness-oriented way of living.


His four years of personal training experience helps Tom to make the most of his time in the gym during intensive sessions that fit perfectly into an hour-long lunch break. Tom loves Studio Athletica’s one-of-a-kind, tailored training experiences, and believes that there’s no place more positive than being in the gym. His motto is “the only bad workout is the one you didn’t do” and you'll always be motivated to keep training with a trainer like Tom.

Martina Corradi
Personal Trainer

Martina’s fitness life began ‘way back as a little kid doing exercises in Italy’, and it has been her focus and passion ever since. Her goal is to help people become the best versions of themselves and help them feel better about themselves and their bodies, and she has the education to back it up. 

With a thirst for knowledge, she holds a Cert III and IV in PT, and Diploma in Fitness and is now studying Remedial Massage, “and then hopefully nutrition and then Yoga … I know, it’s too much but I love it!”.
Focussing on technique, muscle-building and fat loss, you’ll be in great hands with Martina. 

Felipe Ramos
Personal Trainer

Don’t be fooled by Felipe’s kind and friendly disposition, once your training begins you will know your limits and know what you are truly capable of. Hailing from Porto Alegre, in Brazil, ‘Lipe is a degree-qualified teacher and trainer, who will share learnings from his journey to help you make a change and achieve your goals. In the gym, ‘Lipe channels the Nike ethos of ‘Just do it’ - “yes, there are days you are tired, you feel like crap and you don’t want to train. That’s normal … human. But you just have to show up and you might surprise yourself.’ However you show up, just know ‘Lipe will have your back and you’ll get the results you are after. 

Melanie Olsen

Integral to our transformation programs is both exercise and nutrition - for the latter that’s where our in-house dietician Melanie Olsen comes in. 
Mel is an experienced and highly qualified dietician with a Bachelor of Nutrition & Dietetics, a Cert. III and IV in Fitness, and an IOC Diploma in Sports Nutrition. Having worked with the NSW Waratahs and the St George Illawarra Dragons, and as a fitness instructor herself, she understands better than most the capacity of nutrition to enhance training and performance.
Melanie is passionate about helping people understand and achieve body composition change and the impact that can have on people's mental and physical health - changes they don’t always believe is possible.