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Upgrade Your Training

When you want results, you're best off taking advice from someone who has been there themselves, made mistakes, trialled different training techniques, trialled diets, trialled supplements, failed and succeeded. With that, most importantly has experienced first hand what works.

Studio Athletica's reputation is built on that knowledge and experience. Using our 3 tier system we can not only transform your body but also transform your way of thinking to develop a better, more sustainable and ever improving physique.

Experience Is The Key
Christopher Klarich.jpg

EHP Labs Allstar athlete Christopher Klarich is head trainer and owner of Studio Athletica. He combines decades of training experience with a passion for never ending improvement.


Certified as a;

Master Trainer

Punch Fit Boxing Coach

Piltes Reformer Instructor

Advanced Pilates Matwork Instructor

We're So Confident It's Free

Get the results you want and learn how to train more effectively with a FREE Personal Training session at Studio Athletica. Visit us for your obligation free trial session no strings attached, see the gym, meet your trainer and find out how Studio Athletica can help you reach your goals.


At Studio Athletica we have NO CONTRACTS. Our sessions are built with the confidence that you will enjoy a challenging and progressive training session each visit. All of our clients return because they get results and enjoy the experience, not because they're locked into a contract.


The time for change is now. 


Simply fill out the below form and let us show you what you're capable of!

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